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Our History...

Olive Christian Church is a family of believers that come together from the rural parts surrounding Paragon, Indiana.  Olive Christian Church was first built in 1857 and has proudly been an active part of the area to this day.  We have undergone three major building updates as we continue to grow in Christ. 

We are a small country Church with roots dating back to the later part of the 19th Century when local families would meet in the log building for worship.  A building of red bricks and mortar followed with a hand pumped well and two white arching doors; one for men and the other for the women.  As the congregation grew so did the need for more space.  In 1963, the red bricks were replaced with concrete cinder as the church was expanded and updated to include a small steeple and school bell presented by the town of Lewisville.  Again in 1982, the church went through another addition along with a new roof.  Church services were never missed even with a fresh view of God's blue sky during worship.
Lastly, in 2010 the church built an addition to house our growing Sunday School Classes and nursery.  Congregational leaders, parishioners, and contractors all helped in building the two story addition.   The church is wheelchair accessible, hearing impairment aids, projection screens, and state-of-the-art sound system to multiply our praises and worship.