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Out in the Country, but well worth the drive...
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Welcome to Olive Christian Church! 

Welcome to Olive Christian Church where our doors are open to people just like you!

When you visit our service, you will find a balance of traditional hymns and worship music, relevant teaching from the Bible, a casual atmosphere (don't worry about what you wear), and a safe and loving environment for your children.

So, whether you are just beginning your spiritual journey or you've been on this path a long time, we invite you to come discover everything that a relationship with Jesus Christ means for your life.


What to Expect...

Thoughts from Pastor John...

What you can expect as a visitor to Olive Christian Church is worship service that is Bible-based with hymns, prayer time and requests, communion, a sermon from our Pastor with like instruction for our children in LITTLE and JUNIOR Church (an age appropriate telling of the message by senior members and Elders) that focus on practical application of God's word as it is written with attention to understanding the context in which is was given during its scribed time, and how it we can apply it to our lives of today.  Our services focus on principles of the first Church described in ACTS and applying it into four practices for our everyday walk with God, our father, using 'WBPS', which stands for:

Bible Reading

It's through these four areas that we challenge ourselves to grow and practice our faith.


"God has used this church to preach the Good News of Jesus Christ to the people in this community for over 150 years.  God has used this church to feed, clothe, and help people in the community during those same 150 years.  God has used this Church to send the Good News of Jesus Christ to distant places around the world.
God has used this church to grow people into mature Christians and strong leaders.  God has sent out of this church people to serve in places around the world.  God has used the people of this church as His hands and feet to meet the needs of people who are close to Him and to those who are not close to him.  God has used this church!

He uses all who would surrender to Him.  He does not use them like the world uses people, having no regard for them.  He views us as partners in His work to redeem people.  He views us as His beloved children who are being sent out to bring home the rest of his children who don't know that the Father, who loves them deeply, is looking for them. 

May God continue to use this church until He sends Jesus for us.  May we, as the Church, see and understand the great privilege God has put before us to be used by God".  - John M. Nolan -

More about us...

In September 1859, a God fearing man named Ephriam Ratts deeded a plot of land to the trustees and their successors on which to build a Christian church and establish a cemetery.  The land was cleared with material and labor being donated to build a log church that was soon chartered by 31 believers.  Plumbing was non-existent, so there were "structures with well-worn paths".  There was a well with a hand pump in front yielding small amounts of water, so that when dinners were under the big shade trees on the grounds, water would be transported in large barrels with a spigot toward the bottom by wagon and set in the shade.

Our small church as grown several times since then and still our "Church in the Wild Wood" boasts members from its original Chartered members in attendance each Sunday praising God with strong backs, songs, and the fellowship of others.  It's been noted many times by folks that, "Olive Christian Church is full of people that make you feel like family and love on you till like your their own... good food and hugs are two staples that never seem to run out at Olive".

We celebrate our faith and our family at Olive Christian Church.  We would like to extend an open invitation to "come and see" as you might have heard over the local radio station.  It's true when hear, "We're out in the country, but well worth the drive" and hope you take us up on that offer to come share

hugs and howdy, great music, Bible based teachings, and just a touch of Homemade cooking that will leave you wanting seconds...

"Come out to the country and be apart of "HIS STORY" here at Olive Christian Church.  We're glad you're here!"

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